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Mary (Bee) Liley

Chapter Fourteen

Mary (Bee) Liley

The Liley family were very much a Havelock North family and along with many of their Bee relations were involved with all the sporting activities of the village. It could be said that for many years Te Aute Road (Havelock North) was really Liley Road. The old Liley home still stands in Te Aute Road, built by Harry (Henry Eli) in 1899 after their earlier home was burnt to the ground. After their marriages Ethel, Bert, Fred, Syd and Alice all had their homes and brought up their families in Te Aute Road. These houses also stand with two still being the homes of the descendants of Bert and Alice. Ralph and his family lived only a mile away in Te Mata Road while Les and Ruby and their families settled in Hastings.

Mary, the seventh child of George and Mary Bee was born in Nottingham on 28th November 1858. She was five when she came to Havelock North and lived there until her death. On January 1st 1878 she was married to Henry Eli Liley, a carpenter, who was born in London and had emigrated in 1874. At the time of their marriage Henry (Harry) was working for Mary's father, George Bee. He was later a builder on his own account in Havelock North.

Henry died on January 3rd 1911 and Mary on 19th May 1931. They had ten children.

Ethel Jane (Butler) was born August 27th 1878 and died March 6th 1957. She married Thomas Butler 5th August 1908. Tom was a racehorse trainer and they lived at Makaraka, Gisborne, for a short time before settling in Havelock North.

Albert Henry was born 1st June 1880 and died 22th February 1945. He married Annie Quick Duncan on 3rd October 1923. Bert was a carpenter and he served in the army during the First World War.

Frederick George born 6th February, died 16th June 1928. He was married to Winifred Anderson. Fred, a plumber, was in business in Havelock as a partner in Liley and Ferguson. He died in an accident on Frederick Street level crossing in Hastings.

Sydney born 6th May, 1885 and died in 1958. He was married to Maria McDonald on 19th January 1910. Maria's brother Duncan married Gin Hallett (a cousin). Syd worked as a carpenter and was a very keen sportsman.

Alice born 8th May 1887 and died 9th August 1969. She was married to Frank Redpath on 27th August 1913. Frank was in business as a tailor in Havelock, on the corner of Te Mata Road and JolI Road. During World War One he was the Grocery Manager at Trentham. He was District Secretary of the Foresters Lodge in Napier for many years.

Cyril Charles born 22nd October 1890 and died 22nd March 1897.

Jessie Isobel born 14th October, died 24th November 1893.

Leslie born 29th July 1894, died 30th June 1952. He married Alma Masters 3rd September 1924. Les was also a plumber and was in business in Hastings as a partner in Liley and Horton.

Ralph Warren born 18th August 1897 and died 10th July 1976. Married Flora MacPhee on 9th November 1926. Ralph originally worked for the Post Office, then after service in the army World War I, work for his brother Fred for a short time. He was then Works Clerk for the Tourist Motor Co in Hastings, for over thirty years.

Ruby Thelma born 21st July 1902, died 25th July 1976, was married to Horace Upchurch on 3rd October 1927. Horace was a car salesman for H.B. Farmers in Hastings. The last few years of their lives were spent in Gisborne.

Julia Liley

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