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Anne Bee

Taken From the Bee Family Reunion book 1986

Chapter Three

Anne Bee

Anne was born in England, 1859 the fifth child of George and Mary of Nottingham, England. On 4th December, 1863 she sailed with her family on board the ship "Rangoon" to start a new life in New Zealand. The "Rangoon" had a collision in the English Channel and had to put to Ramsgate for repairs, sailing again on 13th January, 1864. After a long and very rough journey the "Rangoon" sighted the Three Kings Islands off the north coast of New Zealand on 10th July, 1864.

Anne and her family landed at Napier where they were met and welcomed by other members of the Bee family who had settled in New Zealand in 1842. The family soon made their home in Havelock North, where Anne spent most of her life. She was a Pupil Teacher at the Havelock North School. The school buildings had been built by her father George Bee who was a builder. Although very deaf she was most talented and was well known for the excellent needle work that she did. For a time she was Housekeeper for her nephew, Cecil Bee. She lived the latter part of her life with her sister Bessie Sutherland in Te Aute Road in a house next to the old fire station.

Anne never married and was always called Little Aunt Anne to distinguish her from her cousin Anne, who was known as Big Aunt Anne.

George Bee
Greenmeadows (H.B.)

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